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Royalty Free Stock Designs by David Rey

  1. Black Electric Guitar Featured with Barbed Wire and a Night Scene in the Background
  2. Popular Cartoon Girl Singing While Playing a Guitar on a Purple Stage
  3. Flaming Skull over a Red Electric Guitar on a Gray and Black Background
  4. Violinist Sitting on a Chair While Playing a Violin
  5. Group of Musicians Playing the Drums and Guitars at a Rock Concert
  6. Mariachi Man Wearing a Sombrero While Playing a Trumpet - Black and White Version
  7. Mexican Mariachi Man Wearing a Sombrero While Dancing - Black and White Version
  8. Mariachi Band Playing Violins, Trumpets and Guitars in Mexico - Black and White Version
  9. Disco Ball over Red 1968 Pontiac Firebird with Dark Tinted Windows
  10. Silhouetted Group Band of People Playing Violins Violas Cello and a Trumpet in Tones of Blues
  11. Capoeira of Music and Martial Arts on a Beach with Sun Setting in Background
  12. Dancing Cartoon Radio Character on a Sparkly Purple Disco Background
  13. Black Guitar on a Sparkling Red Disco Background
  14. Santa Playing a Guitar on a Stage
  15. Mariachi Band Under Mexican Banners