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Royalty Free Stock Designs by Michaeltravers

  1. Green and Orange Bar Playing on an Equalizer
  2. Background of Green and Yellow Equalizer Lines over Black
  3. Gold and Red Vinyl Record Album
  4. Green and Orange Equalizer Bar Border
  5. Scissors Cutting on a Dotted Line Around a Vinyl Record
  6. Colorful Equalizer
  7. Red and White Concert Ticket
  8. Silhouetted Male Singer over a Crowd on Green
  9. Mesh Waves Across a Red Equalizer on Black
  10. Green Sound Wave Beat over Dark Green
  11. Green Sound Wave on White
  12. Piano Keyboard
  13. Orange Silhouetted Breakdancer with Green Music Notes
  14. Male Singer Silhouetted over a Crowd on Orange
  15. Black Vinyl Records with Red and Blue Blank Labels