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Royalty Free Stock Designs by OnFocusMedia

  1. Dancing Woman Dressed in Green with Green Hair, Wearing Headphones
  2. White Girl Dancing While Listening to Music on a Vinyl Record Through Headphones
  3. Digital Collage: Fish, Eagle, Trumpet, Phonograph, Microphone and Deer with Green Floral Design
  4. Green and Brown Mic
  5. Gramophone with Starry Waves and a Blank Banner on Antique White
  6. Record Album Player with Vines, Red and Orange Waves of Sound and Circles
  7. Gradient Orange Phonograph
  8. Vintage Phonograph Playing Music, with Orange and Red Vines, Circles and Equalizer Bars
  9. Orange Vines and Grunge Splatters Around a Cassette Tape
  10. Orange Musical Instruments, Women and Design Elements
  11. Grayscale Urban and Music Designs
  12. Grungy Drum Set and Green Vines on a White Background
  13. Phonograph Playing Music, Shown As Red, Pink and Green Circles, Flowers and Leaves over an off White Background
  14. Drumset over Green Vines on a White Background
  15. Grungy Drum Set over a Beige Background with Green Lines and Vines
  16. Pretty Young Woman in a Little Black Dress, Dancing with Headphones over Her Ears
  17. Silhouetted Guys in a Band, Rocking out and Playing a Guitar Against a Green Background
  18. Distressed Electric Guitar with Music Notes and Speakers over a Green Ray Background
  19. Blond Haired Woman Listening to Music Through Headphones and Closing Her Eyes
  20. Blond Woman Closing Her Eyes and Listening to Music Through Headphones
  21. Gramophone Radio Playing Loud Music from a Record on a Vinyl Player with a Blank Blue Banner and Music Notes
  22. Phonograph with an Orange Cone, Playing Music on a Vinyl Record
  23. Phonograph with Floral Distressed Waves
  24. Brunette White Woman in a Pink Dress Dancing by a Record Player
  25. City Skyline with Urban Grunge, Arrows, Speakers, Cassettes and a Record Player
  26. Dancing and Music Backgrounds
  27. Music Background Designs